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Bath & Massage Oil: Lavender Scented 200 ml

Bath & Massage Oil: Lavender Scented 200 ml

Bath & Massage Oil: Lavender Scented 200 ml



200ml. A luxurious light massage oil that can also be used in baths or after showering! We use a holly oil base and add lavender (L. Angustifolia) essential oil.  

Choose from 2 sizes 60 ml or 180 ml.

What is holly oil?  Did you know it was created in Canada?  The product was discovered and produced in 1993.  It is derived from a pressing process by using the branches and leaves of the holly plant.  Jojoba and vitamin E are added to increase the therapeutic potential and to add glide to the oil.  It is lighter than grapeseed or sweet almond oil and is great as a carrier oil for essential oils because it is non-scented, allowing for the scent of the essential oil to come through.  


What's the difference between LAVENDER (English) and LAVANDIN (French) varieties of lavender? Click here.

We are a small batch producer that cares about the quality of our ingredients, and we use only the best quality essential oils in our products. Our products contain a single source of essential oil and, therefore, you can be assured that you are getting a consistent product every time you purchase! Learn more about our lavender essential oils by going to this page.