Lavender Flowers

Want just the lavender? Choose from dried buds for sachets or dried buds for cooking (yes there are important differences!!).  Or maybe stems to place in your favourite vase? Not looking for loose buds but want a sachet (made with 100% cotton) containing the buds?  Then try one of our many sachets we make.

Making your own sachet and want to figure out how much to order?  Use a grain (e.g. rice) to create a sample of what you want to create. Then use a measuring cup to figure out your volume.  One cup of dried lavender buds weighs approximately 40 grams.

Note that in dried buds (just the flowers) - we use the French lavender buds for non-culinary purposes (in any room of the house, with your linens and sweaters, etc.). We use the English lavender buds for cooking. 

For more detail on the differences between French and English lavender please click here

Dried lavender flowers (the stems w/ buds) can be used in fresh or dried arrangements.  They have great colour and are more stable than freshly cut lavender.  Differences across varieties include: the arrangement of the buds on the stem, the colour, and the length of the stem.  The stems will emit a lavender scent - but the biggest scent is obtained by crushing the bud. 

7 products

7 products