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Enjoy a range of lavender & bee related products.  Most are made at our farm in Ontario, Canada using the best ingredients.

Are you looking for natural formulations that will help your dog smell and look fantastic?  Lavender provides a good conditioning scent to a dog's coat, helps to keep your dog and dog bed fresh, and is believed to assist in calming anxious dogs.  Our products have been designed and tested by Yellow Dog Grooming Studio in Ancaster, Ontario.   

Our dogs products differ from human products because the ph needs of dogs differs from humans. 

We use lavender (English) and lavandin (French) essential oils.  We use oils that are high quality - they have been tested and meet very high standards (if not the highest).  For many folks - which scent to use is a matter of taste. For others, it is more a function of the properties. For the differences between lavender (English) and lavandin (French), please see this page