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Enjoy a range of lavender & bee related products.  Most are made at our farm in Ontario, Canada using the best ingredients.



Culinary Lavender AND Honey


A selection of the wonderful products you will find in our farm store. Lots of tasty delights!  

In making our culinary products we use ingredients from our own farm, local farms and bakers, and family farms in Canada, the US, France, and New Zealand. We care about quality.   Did you know that lavender is a part of herbes de provence?  That is can be used in all sorts of dishes?  We use lavender in sweets, meats, drinks, and with our vegetables.  A general rule of thumb is that it can be used in dishes that would use rosemary or thyme.  

Our honey come from two sources.  The honey from our hives is available only seasonally (usually in September) and is the honey where the bees have been eating the lavender and other wildflowers on our farm.  We choose not to call it lavender honey because a bee can travel more than 2 miles -- while bees will forage close to their hive (e.g. on our lavender) - it is also important that they have a diverse diet which is why on our farm we created a native species wildflower garden and also planted hazelnut trees.    Our second honey (available year round) is honey from a local apiary in which we infuse culinary grade lavender into the honey.  Both are light and delightful honeys.