The Best Lavender Essential Oils

What essential oils do we offer and/or use in our products, and from where do they come?  First and foremost we are a small batch producer and we care about quality!  

We are a small farm and we grow both English and French varieties of lavender. The essential oils that we produce from our own plants are sold pure as Weir's Lane Estate Essential Oil. We distill around 2-4 kgs of oil per year (we also dry some lavender for stems and buds).

In addition to the pure essential oils that we offer, we require 50+ kgs of oil per year for product-making, and there is no Ontario or Canadian lavender farm that can produce this much, nor sell it to us.  We want you to know that we do source our oils and that the key to sourcing is buying direct from a farm that is family run and where the oil has been tested to ensure its high quality. 

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Lavender, also known as Lavandula Angustifolia Essential Oil (English). Also known as True Lavender, it has a sweet scent and is considered more therapeutic. Historically developed for the English perfume industry, English varieties grow all over the world. We purchase this oil from lavender grown in New Zealand. This particular oil is low in linalool and camphor, and is considered the first hypoallergenic lavender essential oil to be produced. It is pharmaceutical quality and has won awards around the world. 

Lavandin, also known as Lavandula Intermedia Essential Oil (French). Lavandin has a high camphor content and therefore has what can be described as a eucalyptus/lemony scent. Historically developed for the French perfume industry, French varieties grow all over the world. We purchase this oil from an organic farm in France. 

Want to know more about the differences between lavender and lavandin?  Click here to go to a page with more information.

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All of our lavender and the lavender we use in our products use no pesticides and we follow organic bee keeping practices. We are a small business that works hard to provide quality products at reasonable prices. We'd love to hear from you. Call us at 1-905-627-9208 or email us at and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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