Essential Oil

Our essential oils are 100% pure with no added ingredients.  The "essences" are a combination of pure essential oil, lavender hydrosol, and other ingredients (see description). 

We've also introduced "combo" essential oils. These oils provide the complexity of scents from a range of flowers , fruits, and seeds.

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Please note: Lavender refers to Lavandula Angustifolia, also known as true or English lavender.  Lavandin refers to Lavandula Intermedia, also known as French lavender. Both types are grown all over the world; the geographic designation refers to the country which first produced the oil for its perfume industry. Lavenders and lavandins possess different properties and have different smells.  Lavenders (English) are low in camphor and have a sweet scent. Lavandins (French) have a higher camphor content giving them a lemony/eucalyptus scent. 

For more information on the differences between English and French lavender, please click here.


8 products

8 products