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Lavender & Vanilla Foot Rub

Lavender & Vanilla Foot Rub

Lavender & Vanilla Foot Rub



125 g. A traditional beeswax and borax night cream. Over 98% natural, highly emollient, with over 50% oil content. Historically, this was called a night cream or waterless cream in Eastern Europe (dating back to over 100 years ago).

So what better for your feet at night before you go to sleep!  Contains lavender (L. Angustifolia), lavandin (L. Intermedia) and other essential oils as well as beeswax, jojoba, sunflower, a hint of vanilla, and other ingredients.  


What's the difference between LAVENDER (English) and LAVANDIN (French) varieties of lavender? Click here.

We are a small batch producer that cares about the quality of our ingredients, and we use only the best quality essential oils in our products. Our products contain a single source of essential oil and, therefore, you can be assured that you are getting a consistent product every time you purchase! Learn more about our lavender essential oils by going to this page.