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Aromatherapy Pendant

Aromatherapy Pendant



Handcrafted glass blown pendant that allows you to add your favourite essential oil!

The vestibule takes a small amount of essential oil and once it goes in, it will not drip out. Included in the price is an eyedropper to add the oil to the pendant.

Wear it around your neck, and the heat from your body will warm the pendant and will give off a light scent. Hang it in the car and let the sun heat it up and freshen the air in your car.  Hang it on a bed post and with a light summer breeze get a whiff of a fresh scent in your room.  Lots of uses ... maybe you would like more than one? :)

If you order online, how can you choose a design?  Once you place an order we will send you a picture of the pendants available via email and you can choose your pendant.  

Of course we are partial, but we think that lavender essential oil (or lavandin) is a great scent to use in the pendant!


What's the difference between LAVENDER (English) and LAVANDIN (French) varieties of lavender? Click here.

We are a small batch producer that cares about the quality of our ingredients, and we use only the best quality essential oils in our products. Our products contain a single source of essential oil and, therefore, you can be assured that you are getting a consistent product every time you purchase! Learn more about our lavender essential oils by going to this page.