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Fantastic service!

The representatives from this company were professional, understanding and very knowledgeable about their products. We had stunning and fragrant bridal bouquets thanks to Weir's Lane.

Lip Balm

I purchased a bulk order of lip balm and tied it up with some English Lavender as a favour for bridal shower.
It was a big hit

Smells amazing

This product smells so lovely and works well!

Love it

Beats any scented candle. Amazing scent that lasts.

Terrific customer service and exquisite product.

Linen Spray
Sharon Vincent
Sweet Lavender Sleep Every Night

At one time I used to buy a linen spray at Home Spence, unfortunately, the product wasn't available anymore. I visited your property with my daughter and was thrilled to buy your lavender linen spray in your gift shop. I spray the lavender spray every week on all my bed linens when I change my bedding. Thank you for a beautiful product!

Pillow Spray
Ferne Anselmini

I have found since I started using the lavender pillow spray I drift into a peaceful sleep.

Best essential oil

I love the English Lavender, it has a beautiful clean scent. I have put the oil in a glass bottle with a ceramic flower on the top and a wick feeding the essential oil up to ceramic flower. It sits on my dresser the beautiful lavender scent flows through to the hall, so nice.
I highly recommend Weirs essential oils,I have tried others and Weirs is the best!

Lip balm

Perfect! Feels nourishing and soothing.

Day Face Cream
Linda Anderson
Mature skin day cream

This is a beautiful face cream. It has a delicate fragrance and feels light on the skin.
Great gift for lovers of lavender!

Pillow Spray
For a sound sleep

Love this product. Have used for several years, a little goes a long way and it does seem to help to get a good sound sleep.

Deodorant for Men
Doug Waurechen
Love it

I LOVE this deodorant. Such an awesome scent. It has become a regular product omong many of Wiers Lane's products in my home. Never disappointed. Keep it up guys. Amazing!!

I bought instore and love it..

use it nightly..sometimes in the midle of the night too..very relaxing

I Love Lavender
Joanne Bateman
Personalized and Unique Gifts for sending across the Country

My clients love getting their gifts that I send to them from Weirs' Lavender. They are so much nicer than a gift card and they personalize them for me.

I have sent them across the country and they arrive on time and intact and have gotten such beautiful responses!

Thank you Weirs for making me look good

Natural Cleaner

It cleanest multi surface with natural ingredients

Couch Refresher

It gives your couch a fresh long lasting smell

Great gift!

These sachets were the perfect addition to a gift bag we put together, so fragrant and with such sweet details on the bags!

Lavender lip balm

My daughter and I use only this lip balm. At first I was skeptical... lavender lip balm really? The smell is mmm, it keeps lips from cracking, doesn't irritate like some menthol lip balms do, and the consistency is just right - doesn't melt in summer or go hard in the cold.

Day Face Cream Sensitive

I took a chance on this and ordered online. I found fragrance was overpowering - heavy on ? Palma rosa. Had a headache within 2 mins attempted twice. Had to wash it off. The consistency was lovely and it would probably work well for someone not sensitive to ingredient.

Shea and Cocoa Butter - French

Absorbs easily and moisturizing lasts - a winter staple. I love the French lavender frangrance.

Premium Body Lotion French Lavender

A light weight lotion which absorbs easily - great for summer or the not so dry skin seasons. Frangrance sublime.

Body Mist French Lavender

I have gone through many bottles of this. Love the scent. A few sprays are a boost for those 'do I have to' days.

Culinary Lavender
Mina Falcone
Culinary lavender

I have been using Weir's Lane culinary lavender for a number of years now to make homemade lavender syrups and lavender teas. It's high quality and very fragrant and ordering is very easy. Highly recommend.

Lavender Tea

I sent this tea along with a tea towel and pillow spray as a gift. My aunt said that the tea was magnificent and between that and the spray and the towel she was floating in a tranquil lavender sea. Clearly she is enjoying everything she received. Thank you Weir's for creating such lovely gifts to give.

Lavender Sachet

I loved my sachets. The quality of the cloth, the pattern and the quality of lavender is amazing. So elegant.