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Body & Hand Wash
Donna Douglas
Body wash

I have used the body wash for years and have no desired to look for ant other product. It is a very good buy.

Joy Killen
Fine Products from a Lovely Shop

While I was ordering lavender plants for my garden, this lovely Spa Bag caught my eye. I have enjoyed opening the delicately embroidered bag to discover what vials of oils the bag contains and thinking about how I will share this happy extravagance with my friends. Very pleased with all my purchases!

Hidden Gem

Great selection of beautiful Lavender products and excellent customer service . Looking forward to coming back soon to visit again .

A touch of luxury!

A light spray on pillow slips makes for a pleasant journey to
dreamland and sleep.

Go to foot care!

A soothing comforting product! Best ever…

A light refreshing scent and does it’s duty well!

pretty little sachets

These are my second purchases from Weir's , but I find there's not a lot of scent .

The English Lavender Body Mist is SO REFRESHING!!!

Every time I use the English Lavender Body Mist, I instantly feel refreshed! It immediately relieves any kind of physical pain that I'm experiencing, and it's also great for relieving anxiety!

This foot rub is a MUST-BUY!!!

If you are struggling with tired, aching feet, you MUST BUY THIS FOOT RUB!!! Every time I use this foot rub, my feet instantly feel refreshed! Plus, this foot rub is very concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way!

The Oasis Found Room Spray is PHENOMENAL!!!

I recently bought two bottles of the Oasis Found Room Spray, and I'm so glad that I did! Any time I walk into a room where the Oasis Found Room Spray has been used, I instantly feel rejuvenated! Just a few spritzes is enough to freshen the air!

Premium Body Lotion
TRACY Udeschini

I love it!!!!! Super silky and REAL lavender fragrance!!!

This lip balm is just right!

The texture of this lip balm is just right! It's not hard and dry like some lip balms, but it's not sticky or oily either. It's soft, smooth, and absorbs directly into the lips! This lip balm is also all-natural, non-irritating, and the fragrance is so soothing! Plus, you get a great price given the high quality of this lip balm! Stock up on this lip balm if you can!

Sleepyhead Pillow Spray

This pillow spray is Exceptional!!!
Having tried a sample pillow spray (from another company - dismal experience) I was absolutely amazed and truly pleased with my purchase of Weir's Lane Sleepyhead Lavender Pillow Spray. It quickly calms and carries me off into a wonderful, restful sleep. I will DEFINITELY order this again and highly recommend it!

Gifts for Friends

These tea towels are both beautiful and functional...even tho I have a dishwasher I still enjoy drying dishes with something pretty💐

Excellent. Last ones I bought lasted over a year with daily pinches.

This IS the best lavender oil I’ve ever had.

French Lavender Sachet
Nataliia Doroshchuk
Perfect sachets

Nice quality

Great Product

Efficient shipping, well packaged, very fragrant and fresh product. I made a lavender syrup that tastes and smells amazing! :)

This soap is PERFECT!!!

I just received my order a few hours ago and tried this soap--IT IS PERFECT!!! This soap provides deep moisture to your skin without leaving a sticky film! It's perfect for anyone who suffers from eczema like myself who needs a soap during warm weather that moisturizes your skin properly without feeling heavy! Plus, the fragrance of real English lavender is PURE BLISS! I also love the large size of the soap, ensuring that it will last a long time before you need to replace it!

Hair Conditioning Bar
Carol McCuish
Just perfect

I have long hair it’s still quit thick , my motto is a little goes along way , it’s a lovely product and hey we can give our environment a bit of a break:) it’s a win win .Carol McCuish

Sports Massage Gel
Carol McCuish

I have used it 3 times so far the product works , it dries so not greasy , it’s pleasant and it brought relief quit fast . The other product I used will not ever come into the house again , this will be my go to . I’m really glad I tried it. Thank you from an old gardener Carol McCuish

Lovely Lavender

I use lavender in eye pillows and sachets that I make for my small craft business. Weir"s farm lavender is amazing. So aromatic, the scent enhanced by awakening it with stimulation. It arrived quickly and I would recommend this product to anyone seeking lavender buds .

Lavender Infused Honey
Christine Andrews
Lavender Honey

I ordered honey with personalized labels for my daughter's wedding and it was perfect!

Wonderful Lavender scent!

I purchased a lot of sachets of various sizes of both the French and English lavender for my mother's 95th birthday. She wanted something that smelled wonderful and to keep the moths away in her closets and drawers. I bought extras for me and find them very nice. The service was quick, i received exactly what I wanted, and was able to track the delivery very easily. Thank you!

Beeswax candles (various)

I love these candles for all sorts of reasons; scent, long-lasting, eco-friendly. These are the best quality I have found, too. Highly recommend them.