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Nice cream!

Very moisturizing and absorbs well. Feels good on the face, A good balance for my face and I will continue to use it! A quality product that's made locally.

Sleepy Lamb

The kids went crazy over this lamb. So definitely buy !!!

Day Face Cream
Maureen Saby
Mature skin cream.

Love the fresh light scent of the mature skin cream. Just the perfect cream, not too thick or watery. Have the night cream now to try!

Sleeping Peacefully

I have been using lavender essential oils in my diffuser at night for a few years now. There was a time that I experienced very disrupted sleep but, once I began using lavender oil in a diffuser my nights became more settled. I use a combination of French and English lavender oils plus 3 drops clary sage nightly and my sleep patterns have improved dramatically. Finding French lavender became an issue in my community but, once I found Weir’s Lane Lavender my supply is easily at hand. My orders are received in a very short time. Weir’s Lane is now my go to company for my lavender oil purchases.

Soothing Sleeps!

I’ve purchased the lavender pillow spray a couple of times and just love it. When I’m feeling a bit stressed, it helps to relax me and soothes me to sleep. I highly recommend it!

Lavender Honey Favours

Loved our little lavender honey favours for my daughter's bridal shower (themed with bees and lavender).
The custom label was very sweet!
Thanks so much!!


A perfect scent to freshen my linens and create a relaxing feeling in bedrooms and closets. And it's wonderful for keeping areas where I store blankets and sweaters free from moths. I love it!


I knew I'd love this French Lavender, and I'm so pleased I ordered a large amount. Now I can make sachets for drawers and closets for my house and for special friends who will love them. The online order setup was easy and I was thrilled to receive my order the next day. I really appreciated the information about the different lavender varieties and best uses for each on Weir's website. It helped guide me to exactly the right products. I know I'll be back for more!

Wonderful for a mocktail!

We just put them in soda water and had a lovely special drink at cocktail hour, without alcohol!

Amazing Shampoo

Love this product! I've been using this Lavender Shampoo Bar for over a year! Leaves my hair very soft and manageable.

Culinary Lavender
Katelyn Davis
Amazing product

Used this in a honey syrup for a cocktail - turned out absolutely amazing. Such a great product

Superior product.

But, the straw for the pumper is too short, there is about an inch of product that is left in the container. For years now I have been cutting the container to get that last two inches of lavender.

The "Aah" moment

This was a gift and the person had never used it. Soothing, healing, and absorbed quickly into the skin.
Great product!

Lavender Dryer Bags
Anne Carter
Spring refresh in a dryer!

It is used with clothing and linens and all articles in the dryer; the fragrance is light and does
no harm to any material. Really enjoy the sachets.

Sweet Dreams

It is a soothing and healing fragrance for guests' pillows! So helpful for a peaceful sleep!
I use it often!

Soy Candle, Jar
Kathleen Schlievert

Lovely candle. Smells great. Very happy with my order.

Dried Lavender Stems (Flowers)
Kathleen Schlievert

Order arrived very quickly. Fresh and smells wonderful

Foot rub

It is amazing! Do you have a hand cream?

I'm In Love

This is absolutely AMAZING!!!!! You will not regret it. The salt, the caramel, the lavender. I want to bath in it :D

Best Foot Rub

This foot rub smells AMAZING. I leave it on with a pair of socks and my feet are reborn :) Definitely recommended!

Fantastic Anxiety Item and product

I have anxiety and I have found that sent can be a very effective and this product is perfect for it. It is also a great lip balm as well.

Quality product

I just started using it recently and I already notice a difference. It is great because of how little you need to use.

Amazing Product

I have always had issues with very dry skin on my feet. At Christmas, my mom gave me a jar to try. Now I have no issues with dry skin and my feet feel great.

I am making old fashion sachet to hang in closets and will attach a sprig of lavender to each one.

Smells Amazing!

I bought this to make my own sachets to put into dresser drawers and to tuck away with seasonal sweaters. The smell is lovely!
Excellent customer service - package arrived quickly with email updates for tracking.
Will definitely order again in the future :)