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As we make well over 100 products, we thought you might find it useful to have a description of each of our product lines.  Lavender is a fragrance, it can be used in cooking,  has antiseptic/antibacterial properties, is considered to be therapeutic (headaches, burns, bites), and helps to repel moths and mosquitoes.

Essential Oil, Buds, Flowers, and Plants

Essential oil is like wine.  Quality matters and quality affects scent and properties. There are lots of ways to use lavender essential oil.  And there are different types of lavenders. Click here to learn more about the differences   and click here to see our Essential Oil Line

We also have just lavender buds and the dried flowers.  The French Buds are non-culinary .. looking for cooking lavender? Scroll below for our culinary line. Click here to see our French Lavender Buds & Flowers

Cooking with Lavender ... and Honey!

Lavender is much like rosemary and thyme. Used as a herb in cooking, there are lots of ways to use lavender to flavour drinks, salads, vegetables, main courses, and desserts.  Our line includes the culinary bud as well as products that have lavender as one of the ingredients.  Click here to see our Culinary Line

Lavender that is used on your body and face

We have several lines of products that allow you to treat yourself to the great properties of lavender. Many people just like the scent, others like it for its calming properties, and others want to test out whether lavender has proposed therapeutic powers (for skin irritations, headaches, etc.).  If you are looking to test the therapeutic power of lavender we recommend the products that use the English lavender (lavender angustifolia). Otherwise you choose with your nose whether you like English or French lavender. While each nose will pick up something different, the English lavender tends to be softer and sweeter and the French lavender (lavandin) tends to be sharper with a bit of a citrus or eucalyptus smell.

Let's start with the FACE

We've created a line of products that are great for adding moisture to your skin and utilize a variety of essential oils.  Click here to see our Face Divine Line

Next .. for your body we have three lines of products

Body Fresh - this is our line that is designed for cleaning/bathing. Click here to see our Body Fresh Line

Body Sublime - this is our line for after the shower/bath or just for a treat during the day - including our everyday body lotion, body sprays (including our outdoor and French lavender sprays which help to repel bugs and the English lavender spray which may help with bites and other skin irritations), and our sugar & honey body scrub to help slough off old skin. Click here to see our Body Sublime Line

Hand & Body Heaven - this is our line of special creams and lotions.  Treat yourself or use one of these as your every day lotion.  We like to keep a body or hand cream or lotion near the kitchen sink and in our powder room.  We also like to put on something luxurious just before going to sleep.  And for your purse - you never know when you want to soften your hands or just treat yourself. Click here to see our Hand & Body Heaven Line

Lavender for the House, Cottage, Boat and for your Yoga Mat

Again, maybe you just like the scent or maybe you want to promote a clean environment ... including discouraging moths in your house? 

Our Home Perfect line has a range of products including room sprays (for that quick fresh scent), linen spray, house cleaner, and longer lasting scents from our range of sachets and lavender infused sea salts.  Click here to see our Home Perfect Line

And don't forget candles.  Here we focus on beeswax candles.  We don't add the lavender scent to the beeswax as it would be prohibitively expensive to include pure and natural lavender essential oil to beeswax.  But you can capture the great properties of beeswax and the lavender scent by adding a drop of essential oil to the candle (light, let soften, blow out, add a drop of oil to the softened beeswax, relight). Click here to see our Beeswax Candles Line

Lavender for Sleeping 

Lavender is considered good for helping to relax and calm. So we created a Sleepyhead line of products for this purpose.  Click here to see our Sleepyhead Line

Lavender for your dog

Our Pooch line of products is for cleaning and helping to keep your dog smelling nice. Click here to see our Pooch Line