Make Your Own - Ingredients for crafting and cooking


We have over 100+ products made just for you.  But maybe you want to try your hand at making your own.  

...   Make your own soap, with and without soap molds.  We're providing you with the soap base, your choice of essential oils, instructions and the mold (or not).  We're giving you the basics -- now let your inner creativity sing! Kids love it as well.

...   Make some sachets.  If you know how to sew, you'll know how to make a sachet.  Don't sew?  Take a handkerchief, small scarf, and create a won ton sachet .. fill the fabric with crafting buds and then wrap tightly with a rubber band or ribbon.  Keep scrunching to release the soap. We sell crafting buds for sachets. 

...  Make your own eye or neck pillow.  Simply mix a grain (e.g. flax seed, rice, wheatberries) and crafting buds.  Fill your favourite fabric with the mixture.  Refresh by scrunching or adding a few drops of essential oils.

...  Love cooking?   We splurged last year and purchased a sous vide machine.  Then we created lots of meats, fish, poultry dishes using dried herbs & spices-- including our culinary lavender, herbes de provence, and applewood smoked pepper.  With any purchase of a culinary item receive a post card with suggested recipes.  And don't forget out teas, jams, and sauces.  Check out our entire culinary line by clicking here.

... Flower arranging?  Pick up a new or old vase and fill it with dried lavender.  Mix and match varieties or use a single variety depending on the colours you want. 


8 products

8 products