Lockdown lethargy? - Activities to keep you entertained

As some of you know, we (Kevin & Abigail) spend our time in Canada & Australia.  This past year, we have experienced lockdown in Melbourne.  We know first hand what it means to have strict limitations on what you can do outside your home.  

How did we get through it?  We became creative in cooking, we made crafts, we binged on tv shows and movies, and played a lot of cribbage.  

As we watch what is happening in Ontario/Canada .. we thought, let's use our experience to suggest activities.

...  a new product .. Make your own soap, with and without soap molds.  We're providing you with the soap base, your choice of essential oils, instructions and the mold (or not).  We're giving you the basics -- now let your inner creativity sing! Kids love it as well.

... for that binge watching .. free popcorn (250 grams) with every purchase of applewood smoked pepper, herbes de provence, or caramel sauce (one package of popcorn per order).  Enjoy popcorn with a lavender twist!  (Added to orders placed after January 11th)

...  crafting buds?  Make some sachets.  If you know how to sew, you'll know how to make a sachet.  Don't sew?  Take a handkerchief, small scarf, and create a won ton sachet .. fill the fabric with crafting buds and then wrap tightly with a rubber band or ribbon.  Keep scrunching to release the soap. 

...  Love cooking?   We splurged and purchased a sous vide machine.  Then we created lots of meats, fish, poultry dishes using dried herbs & spices-- including our culinary lavender, herbes de provence, and applewood smoked pepper.  With any purchase of a culinary item receive a post card with suggested recipes.

 ... A few ideas .. send us what you are doing with our products to keep entertained and we will add it below.  A favourite recipe?


7 products

7 products