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Enjoy a range of lavender & bee related products.  Most are made at our farm in Ontario, Canada using the best ingredients.

Lavender Therapeutic Wrap: One Minute Wonder

Lavender Therapeutic Wrap: One Minute Wonder



Want a portable therapeutic wrap you can heat or freeze and use on any part of the body?  This wonder is designed to be small and flexible for use on any part of the body. Approximately 9" x 7" with a 100% cotton covering.

Our One Minute Wonder contains flax seeds infused with lavender and lavandin essential oils and grosso (French) lavandin buds. Heat in the microwave for one minute and it stays warm for 30 minutes.  Want a cold pack?  Place in freezer. The flax seeds help to hold in the heat/cold and the lavender helps to calm and relax.

Over time the scent will start to soften and go away.  Keep scrunching the wrap to release the oils from the lavender buds we've mixed in with the flax seed.  Want an even stronger scent? Add a drop of essential oil ... see our choices of oils on this page

Our choice of fabrics are one of the few pictured -- please indicate the number of the fabric you would like in the comments box at check-out. Otherwise, let us pick for you. Please note that all of these fabrics are not always available. We will do our best to provide you with your first choice!