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A small manufacturer of lavender and bee related products.  Using the best lavender and natural formulations.  Welcome and enjoy exploring!

Photography Policy

You are welcome to take photos at the farm.  If you are a professional photographer, see information below. For the enjoyment of all our customers, please note that we do have some rules, and please appreciate that our activities support our farm operations.  

The rules of thumb:

If you are visiting the farm on your own, taking a tour, visiting the store -- no extra charge for taking photos. Please do make time for visiting the store as the store supports our farm operations.

If you are coming to the farm and wanting to take special pictures (formal photography shoot, wedding/engagement/family/etc) and will be spending time taking those pictures, see our policy below.  

Likewise, if you are a professional photographer wanting to take pictures of the fields, see below and please contact us to discuss further. 


Formal Photography Shoots

0 – 90 minutes: $75  

90 minutes plus: $125  

We ask that you book a time to visit the farm and that you pay at the time of booking.  To book, please email us at  We can schedule photo shoots for any time but we will avoid busy times at the farm (for example, weekends when the farm is open to the public during blooming season when the store is open). While exceptions will be made, you will find it much easier to take your photos during times when customers are not wandering the fields.  We endeavour to have only one shoot per time slot - and we're really good about rescheduling or refunding your shoot if you are unable to use your slot due to rain or bad weather.  But note that prime bloom season only lasts a short period and we book up early.

To book please email us at, payment will be taken at time of booking.