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Customer Comments

Many of our current comments are now made on our facebook page  here are some recent comments:

Comments on products

On our scones: D.B. "Delicious" Our Lavender, Blackcurrent & Raspberry Jam: M. J-P. T. "Slathered on toast your jam yesterday morning .. this has to be the best jam I've ever tasted ... best ever" On our teas: J.P. "I am loving their Lavender Green Tea."

Comments on the store

D.L. "Well worth the visit. Great Spot. I'll be back" L.L.N. "Finally made it everything I needed...Grandpa Mark 91 years old loved it too! Thank you Weir's Lane..." R. & S. A. "Went there on Wed awesome place lovely gifts" J.A.L-S. "Great store, love it"  and "great shop with lots of gift ideas" D.D. "Totally enjoyed our visit today"

Below are comments we've received through email 

"I have visited your farm twice now (liked it so much the first time, brought my mom back) with the intention of buying a lavender plant.  While there I purchased your lavender facewash.  I have teenage sons and have tried everything to clear their complexions.  I have to say, your facewash has done the trick.  We are just finishing our 2nd bottle and will be purchasing the third!!!!  I also have the linen spray, which is heavenly, and of course your honey!!!!!!  Oh ya, just about forgot,,,, I bought a lavender plant as well!!!!!" JD, April 18, 2013

"Well, got home this evening, and prepared some of the wonderful rooibus/lavender tea that I purchased  from you today.  Wow, I love my teas, but this really is the best!!  Absolutely no second............. Thanks for the discovery!!" NH, April 6, 2013

"I received a gift bag of your products for Christmas and wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with your products. The labeling and presentation are lovely and the lavender scent is so fresh, it could have come straight form the garden an hour ago. I have used many other lavender products, including l'Occitane, from France and I am pleased to see a local company producing such quality items. I am looking forward to using many more of your products. Bravo" EK, December 30, 2012

"Lavender is so good for everything, this is the perfect store.  For twenty years I could not sleep.  Now, I have a cup of hot milk with your lavender honey at night and I sleep like a baby." Store Customer, April 21, 2012

"I LOVE your lavender -- I have spent a lot of time in France -- and have not found anything so authentic of a fragrance as your soap, lots of lavender! It is a real treat this time of year." TO, February 27, 2012

"I tried your [culinary] lavender from the Kleinburg festival in some `icebox' cookies and they were pretty good. But then I made the syrup and used it with icing sugar and some food colouring to make a lavender-coloured glaze for them; absolutely scrumptious and addictive!" KO, September 26, 2011

"Just nibbling on the cookies with my tea at work, they are delicious. I thought my Mom made the best shortbread, but the addition of the lavender takes shortbread to a new level." LR, September 21, 2011

"My friend, Abigail, who I practiced law with years ago has moved on from working as an attorney and is now a professor of economics and with her husband has started a business, Weir's Lane Lavender and Apiary. During her recent visit from Canada, Abigail was kind enough to bring me a variety of her products to try. I am amazed that since I starting using various creams my skin from the chemo is no longer sore and dry. Lavender essential oil which I wear in a recepticle around my neck has mitigated the nausea the chemo caused, and A Versaille pillow and an eye pillow have helped me return to normal sleep patterns. If these lavender products can help a cancer patient feel so much better, I can imagine what they can do for others." MW, September 21, 2011

"My husband did the picking up last Saturday for the comb honey and I just wanted to say that it is lovely. I don’t remember the last time I had comb honey but yours is very, very good. The flavour is so delicate. Such a treat. He also picked up two of the small sachets that have been placed inside the dog bed and are having a wonderful effect on the overall scent of our living room. Why would anyone use Febreeze?"  SJ-H, August 31, 2011

"I am not exaggerating when I say that the products from your store have phenomenal results! We bought lavender spray, shampoo and conditioner, a small pillow and a little sachet filled with lavender buds. We keep our laundry basket in the walk-in closet. The unpleasant smell of dirty laundry would really bother me. Whatever I tried (Febreze, Glade fresheners), nothing seemed to work. A lavender sachet in the laundry basket is a miracle solution! The smell completely disappeared! I didn't know that my hair could be so thick and could have that much volume until I tried the lavender shampoo and conditioner. Forget fancy shampoo labels, lavender is the way to look gorgeous! We put the little pillow into the baby's room and we use the spray in our bedroom. The smell is pleasant and the relaxing (calming) effect makes everyone sleep like babies (including our 7-month old daughter). We are very pleased and happy with our purchases! Thank you for your store and the products, which make people's lives even more beautiful!"  IK, July 6, 2011

"Just wanted to say that the Lavender spray for the pillow and the neck wrap that I purchased at the home show are working out great for me. My husband is quite pleased that it doesn't smell like burnt popcorn like my previous wrap.   I also like the lavender diffusers I purchased."   RG, March 3, 2011  "This shea butter cream. It is making such a difference on my arms, feet,hands. I even had comments at the Youth route dinner on my arms from another (married) woman. I was wearing a sleeveless dress. Thanks. Need more ! Ps nice to put this on before bed. The Lavender smell is so relaxing."  EB, February 27, 2011  "Wanted to let you know that the new pillow-spray is just wonderful as well as the hand cream."  BD, October 25, 2010  "[My husband] did not snore last night and I am putting it all down to the lavender. He has been snoring like a train for years. I slept til 7 am. My normal wake-up time is around 4:30. I am positively euphoric. Thank you so very much." MS, August 5, 2010  

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