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Dried French Lavender Stems (Flowers): Grosso

Dried French Lavender Stems (Flowers): Grosso



Our stems are more than a pretty flower!  In any room they will help to freshen the air. When buds fall off the stems, crush them to help in scenting the room.  

The GROSSO variety has a feathery look and is a lighter purple version of our French Lavender. 

 Not all lavenders are the same -- consider colour and height and even scent when picking:  Our English lavender are approximately 12 inches (30 cms) in height.  Our French lavender (Grosso, Phenomenal, and Gros Bleu) are approximately  18 inches (40 cms) in height.  

Please note we bunch out lavenders based on weight (80 grams for English lavender and 100 grams for French lavender.)   The number of stems ranges from 75 to 125 per bunch.

Are you looking for just the dried flowers (no stems) to use in sachets?  Please click here for our premium non-culinary lavender buds.