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Enjoy a range of lavender & bee related products.  Most are made at our farm in Ontario, Canada using the best ingredients.



Plants: Fresh (Live) (Seasonal)

TAKING PRE-ORDERS FOR PLANTS NOW.  NOTE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR IN-STORE (at the Farm) Pick up starting May 20, 2018.  

Looking for tips on growing lavender?  Check out this page 

Our plants are being offered this year in two sizes: 

Quart sized -- this is a plant that is 6 months to 1 year old. It will have a good root base and if planted by mid-summer should establish well in your garden.  You may get some blooms this year but the plant will explode next year!

From our field to your garden! -- You come to the farm, we walk with you to help you pick your own plant, dig it up, and then you take it home.  This is a plant that will range in age from 2-5 years.  You choose either English or French.  This for those of you who want the plant to quickly establish and create wonderful blooms.  THIS OPTION IS AVAILABLE ONLY FROM JUNE 1st to June 16th.  ORDER SOON as we are not selling many of these plants.  The English varieties will include light purple, dark purple, and pink/white.  The French varieties are mostly phenomenal but we will have some other varieties available.

Our 2018 quart sized varieties: 

Angustifolia (English) Varieties.

Angustifolias are the hardiest in Ontario. Typically (depends on mother nature!) you will start to see buds by mid-June (sometimes earlier) and the flowers bloom from late June well into July.  We like the English lavenders best for cut/dried flowers, cooking (most varieties) and they can also be used in potpourri and sachets but they will have a lighter scent than the French lavenders (Hidcote being a bit of an exception).

Munstead:  The flowers are lavender (light purple) in colour.  This variety can be used in cooking.  At maturity the height is 12 inches and the spread is between 12 and 18 inches.


Hidcote Blue: The flowers are a deeper purple in colour.  We do not recommend using this variety in cooking.  At maturity the height is 12-18 inches and the spread is 18 inches.

Super Blue:  Like Hidcote this is lavender that produces dark buds and flowers but in a compact plant.  At maturity the height is 10-12" with a spread of 10-12 inches.  This is also a plant that might work well in a container.  



Intermedia (French) Varieties: 

Intermedias are less hardy in Ontario -- the exception being the variety called Phenomenal. Typically (depends on mother nature!) you will start to see buds by late June to early July and the flowers bloom from mid July well into August.  The French lavenders are great for sachets and potpourris given their stronger scent.  They also work well as cut and dried flowers.  Only a few varieties work well in cooking.

Phenomenal: This is a variety for which the plants may only be purchased from farms that have received a license to sell the plants (they are under patent protection).  Unlike many French varieties they have been exhibiting better over-wintering in our Ontario climate.  There are many wonderful properties of Phenomenal lavender plants.  We're sure you'll be happy with this selection.  The plants in our field have been doing quite well.  The height of this plant at maturity is approximately 24-32 inches with a spread of 24-32 inches.

Edelweiss: As the name suggests this is a lavender that produces white flowers.  We planted them in our field three years ago and they have been doing quite well. At maturity the height is 18 inches with a spread of 24 inches.  As this is a softer French variety it could be used in cooking.