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Posted by Kevin & Abigail Beagle on

You might wonder why we charge for shipping?  Well, simply because we have to pay for shipping.  To ship your products we have to pay for the box, the filler, the postage, and the time we spend packing the box and taking it to the post office.  What we charge for shipping only reflects the postage.  All the other things -- we are providing as part of our service commitment to you. 

Alternatively we could increase our product prices and advertise we have "free shipping". What this would mean is that everyone that uses our online store share in these costs.  But is it fair that someone in Ontario is subsidizing higher shipping costs to someone on either end of Canada or in the US?  Or that someone with a relatively light purchase subsidizes someone with a very heavy purchase?  On both these counts we think not.  

We work very hard to use the best ingredients and to make high quality products but we also endeavour to maintain low margins (but still earn a living).  If you buy something at the farm store, at one of our retailers, or online, we want you to get the same fair price.

Are our shipping prices fair?  You decide.  Let's take a trip from Toronto to our farm -- typically that means you would be driving around 40-50 kilometers.  There are many ways to value the cost of driving a vehicle.  Let's use as a ball park figure of  30 cents per kilometer.  That means you would be spending between $12 and $15 to drive to our farm.  Our typical charge for shipping is $8 to Toronto (and a maximum of $15).  

Of course, we always enjoy your coming to the farm!  Seeing the plants in the ground, bees in action, the countryside, and getting to greet Dewey, Hiro, and Silo are all great reasons to visit!